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Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke at UNC

By Adam Andrzejewski | Editor’s note: Mr. Andrzejewski and his staff are tenacious researchers. The County Compass is indebted to them for this report. CHAPEL HILL – The University of North Carolina’s 16 campuses spend no less than $90…

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CarolinaEast Hospital forced to borrow $45 million

Cyberattack on unrelated claims-payer impales cash flow NEW BERN – Hospital officials were in Raleigh Tuesday afternoon and received a friendly reception from a state agency known as the Local Government Commission, which must first give its blessings before units…

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Not Your Dad’s Hardware Store, 48 locks for Jail?


BAYBORO – The Pamlico County Commissioners were a bit shell-shocked Monday night after Sheriff Chris Davis and County Manager Tim Buck brought the bad news – not just from left field. This quote might well have come from another Galaxy!…

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Second in a two-part series

‘Digital Dollar’ tracking makes tyranny easy

By Michael Snyder WASHINGTON, DC – Thankfully, some members of Congress are sounding the alarm. In fact, Senator James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) has actually introduced legislation “which would require the U.S. Treasury to keep printing and coining money if the…

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Massive ‘Needs-Based’ State Grant will build new Pamlico 6 – 12 School

  Unheard of sum is more than TWICE the annual budget for all of Pamlico County Government BAYBORO – The money is staggering. The official notice arrived Wednesday in a letter from Catherine Truitt, Superintendent for Public Instruction, addressed to…

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Pay Back Time!

Illinois hospital must pay millions for vaxx-mandate that did not honor religious objections

Editor’s note: This report comes from a press release on the website of the Liberty Counsel law firm – ILLINOIS – On July 29, Liberty Counsel settled the nation’s first class-wide lawsuit for health care workers over a COVID…

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Second of Two Parts

Expert reveals little known ‘Mileage Killers’

‘Drafting’ behind 18-wheelers helps, but kind of risky! Last week we discussed vehicle tips to help increase your gas mileage. Now that your vehicle’s shortcomings have been examined, let’s talk about driving tips to save fuel.   From 1936 to…

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County raids piggy bank by $2.1 million to balance budget

PAMLICO COUNTY– The vote Monday night to approve a  $23 million budget for the next fiscal year was unanimous, and avoided any increase in the ad valorem property tax rate. However, two commissioners – Candy Bohmert and Missy Baskervill, suggested…

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Officials give sewer system $500K Proposed new library gets zilch

BAYBORO – No one put it quite this way, but maybe the unanimous thinking Monday night among the seven Pamlico County Commissioners was that our neck of the woods needs an expansion of sewage treatment more than a spanking new…

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Part 3 on the Federal Reserve’s Quest

Digital Dollar in Crosshairs of Potential Killer

Editor’s note:  Back in August of 2016, Compass technical writer Gordon Allison authored a series of articles describing Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), which poses are real threat should the Federal Reserve decide to adopt the so-called ‘Digital Dollar.’ CYBERSPACE – Should…

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Biden lets it slip!

Efforts underway for ‘New World Order’

WASHINGTON, DC – Monday, March 21, the Liberal Left agenda became clear, and undeniable: “You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy — not just the world economy, in the world. It occurs every…

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