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Hen lays a big one in Olympia! But which one ‘dun it?’


With 44 hens and a rooster or two, Olympia resident Ron Casey enjoys his new avocation. He is clearly proud of his flock, but has no idea which chicken should get the credit.

“My chickens like to lay their eggs where there are some already laying in the box,” he explained during a recent interview. .

“Some of the old-timers around here call all of the squawking and carrying-on, the chickens’ ‘egg-laying song.’ Well, we definitely heard a loud squawk last week, but I can’t tell you which one did it.”

Casey, seen above at his grading table, lives in a 100-year-old farmhouse at the end of Bayleaf Road in Olympia, not far from the Pamlico-Craven county line. He now sells most of the eggs at area Farmers Markets.
One day, he hopes customers will beat a path to his door, so he can focus less on marketing and more on production. To reserve some, call him at (765) 914-9884.

Massive maze (still growing) likely to boost Chocowinity’s profile

CHOCOWINITY – The maze is large and complex, as is the planning for a multi-week fundraising Fall Extravaganza, scheduled for a site known as ‘Raised In A Barn Farm’ which is just east of downtown Chocowinity on Hwy. 33.

Jane Lassiter Boahn, CEO and Founder of Raised In A Barn, is the spearhead and driving force. In a recent e-mail to this newspaper, Boahn wrote:

We hope to achieve a full community festival for six weeks during the fall. Dates are Sept. 25 thru Oct. 31, Fridays and Saturdays for the public corn maze and ‘Zombie Fright Nights’ on the last three weekends. We are looking for sponsors at all levels, including signage for our maze, T-shirts, flashlights for ‘flashlight maze night,’ and also all types of vendors.

Boahn added that funds raised are intended to benefit the Chocowinity Fire & EMS, 4H, and Angels N Camo.

For more information, to volunteer, or to become a sponsor, call Boahn at (252) 945-6153, or e-mail:

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Farmer’s new crop brightens county horizon


Seeds of beautiful flower yield useful oil

rape_picSpecial to the County Compass

GRANTSBORO — Bright yellow flowers of rapeseed plants surround Mike Spencer, a fourth-generation farmer from Alliance. In his first-ever experience with the splendiferous crop, Spencer planted over a hundred acres last October, and plans to harvest millions of tiny seeds sometime in June. Oil from the seeds has many industrial applications, including lubricating the insides of plastic grocery bags and bottle caps so they open more easily. Spencer seems pleased with the praise and response he has received, and hints that springtime expanses of bright yellow may become a county trademark – assuming this year’s crop proves profitable.