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Whortonsville Residents Leery of Undergrowth Control

Vast Tract of Timberland Sprayed with Herbicide STRAIGHT ROAD – Monday night, the Pamlico County Commissioners heard from a trio of concerned citizens who fear that recent spraying on land now owned by International Paper (formerly Weyerhaeuser) jeopardizes wildlife, nearby…

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives $4.7 million to British firm that sells face masks for cows

ZELP – Zero Emissions Livestock Project Cows belch methane Mask converts to carbon dioxide Farmers claim environment-friendly meat Zelp benefits by selling ‘carbon offset credits’  

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Democrats continue ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ deception

By Dexter Liu USA ECONOMY – In advance of the mid-term elections the NC Democrats issued a press release touting Biden’s “accomplishments” – highlighting positive results from the passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Titled “New Toyota EV Investment Highlights President…

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County Responds to Water Quality Complaints in Reelsboro area

Pamlico Water Advisory

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Part 1 of 4: ‘It’s the System, Stupid!’

Electric Vehicles actually increase carbon emissions!

Last week, Dexter Liu completed a well-written three-part analysis on the electric vehicle and why it is not ready for prime time.  I agree.  Here are additional considerations. Since the Tesla Model 3 weighs about the same as the Chevrolet…

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Two-Part Resolution requires explanation

EASTERN NC – Any attempt to regulate ‘navigable waters’ in this part of the state can be a sticky wicket. Four towns – New Bern, Bridgeton, Oriental, and Trent Woods – learned that the hard way this week! Monday night,…

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Groundwater tough to swallow?

RALEIGH – Here’s your chance to complain! Once every three years, state law requires regular reviews of groundwater water quality standards. Next week’s Feb. 2 public hearing is ‘virtual;’ however, written comments can also be submitted by email or through…

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A concerned resident quietly removed this label from a canister on board a DOT vehicle as spraying was underway several weeks ago.

Officials respond to complaints

Herbicide for roadways ‘safe,’ says DOT Thank you for contacting the NC Department of Transportation regarding roadside vegetation in Pamlico County.  NCDOT utilizes industry-approved techniques to control the undergrowth of small trees, bushes and grass along the roadsides. Mowing is…

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DOT ! Answer 11 questions.

By Jim Sherwood VANDEMERE — I was away on a vacation out west for a couple of weeks and was appalled to see what had happened while I was gone. What I am talking about is the defoliation — by…

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Chemical burning of county must stop

By Evie Henderson PAMLICO COUNTY — With reference to Jeff Lomer’s letter in the Sept. 17 issue of The County Compass, I wish to add my horrified voice to his. A couple of weeks ago, when I drove out of…

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