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Chinese batteries installed at Camp Lejeune during Obama years

CAMP LEJEUNE – Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC) issued the following statement in response to his meeting Monday with representatives of Duke Energy after reports revealed the usage of Chinese batteries on Camp Lejeune: “I was recently informed that in 2014…

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Look Out! Here They Come.

Upscale Jewish school in Greensboro (closed since June 2019) reopens w/ mega 5-year federal contract to accept ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ Editor’s note: We thank the news website and its reporter John Binder for some of this report, recently updated by…

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Red Wolf release planned for eastern North Carolina

Editor’s note: Many large land owners in eastern North Carolina believe this program is doomed due to the inevitable cross-breeding that will occur with an increasing coyote population. The following is an official press release, which faintly alludes to the…

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Trump appearance at GOP Convention proves to be gargantuan fundraiser

GREENVILLE – You do the math. A thousand dinner tickets sold @ $500 each! Here, Frank Roe of Oriental stands in a long line Saturday morning, just after tickets went on sale at the Greenville Convention Center. Former President Donald…

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Things Crazy Enough for You Yet? | Gas Shortage

Sometimes small operations can scramble faster than the big boys! That seemed to be the case Wednesday morning when tiny Oriental Mini Mart stayed busy pumping while the major chains shrouded handles with dreaded plastic bags. Hit with a ‘ransomware’…

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