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Up, down & all around


ORIENTAL – When you move, or elevate, houses for a living, you’ve got to be part entertainer, because people always want to watch! Next week, Joe Bacs (second from left) and the hard-working crew of Ace House Movers have promised a most interesting performance! Check out the intersection of Ragan Road and Neuse Street on Monday or Tuesday (weather permitting). But, please be sure not to impede progress — as a house inches toward its new location!

Town gives developer more time for roads


By Judith Lynch | Staff Writer

MINNESOTT BEACH – Elected officials here unanimously agreed Tuesday night that Arlington Place may have an additional year to finish construction of roads in the 954-acre development.

The new deadline is Sept. 26, 2013.

The original agreement between the town and Burton Farm Development Company, (currently Boddie-Noell Enterprises) stated that improvements were to be “substantially completed” by September 26, 2007, and commissioners have granted yearly extensions since then.

Town resident Phil Hedrick presented the commissioners with a list of questions regarding road dimensions, postponed completion dates, and whether the balance of the bond was adequate to cover the cost of finishing the roads — if the developer failed to perform. He also questioned why the commissioners grant the yearly extensions.

Hedrick is quite familiar with Arlington Place, having secured an option on the entire tract almost a decade ago – which ultimately led to the purchase by Boddie-Noell.

Developers commonly post letters of credit, or “security/performance bonds” that obligate them to construct and complete improvements (in this case roads and water lines), in accordance with local subdivision standards and within agreed-upon time limits.

The original commitment for infrastructure was almost $8 million. Since the water lines and much of the roadwork have been completed, only $1.7 million of the bond remains in effect An engineering firm hired by the town verified the funds were adequate to complete the paving of the six to seven miles of interior roadways.

Lot sales and housing starts continue to be slow in this mixed-use residential development, and Boddie-Noell Enterprises requested another year in which to finish the paving. It hopes to avoid potential surface damage caused by heavy vehicles used during the construction of future housing units.

County OK’s Irene repairs


NEWS1-Irene-repairs-leftBy Jeff Aydelette | Staff Writer

BAYBORO – County-owned piers at Dawsons Creek and StyronTown Beach were approved for repairs Monday night, eight months after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irene.

Both sites are located in the county’s southern region, along the Neuse River shoreline.

The Dawsons Creek pier is to be re-built with lumber to the tune of $ 35,650 while the NEWS1-Irene-repairs-rightStyronTown Beach structure receives a hurricane-resistant upgrade – concrete slabs, better known as ‘hog slats,’ at a total cost of $ 63,650.

Pamlico County Manager Tim Buck told the county commissioners Monday night that he expects the Federal Emergency Management Administration to fully reimburse all expenses for the StyronTown Beach site, but the Dawsons Creek property will likely receive only half.

In that case, Buck explained, any shortfall must come from the county’s pool of savings, also known as its fund balance.

A local general contractor, Bobby Cahoon Marine Construction, submitted the low bid for each project. Work is expected to begin later this spring.

Ornate building planned for Cherry Branch terminal


Ferry insiders concede ‘bad timing for this thing’

This architectural drawing depicts a large structure intended to replace an existing building at the Cherry Branch ferry terminal.

This architectural drawing depicts a large structure intended to replace an existing building at the Cherry Branch ferry terminal.

By Jeff Aydelette | Staff Writer

NEUSE RIVER – Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

After state officials told a crowd of 600 angry Pamlico County residents last week that state law requires implementation of much-needed tolls across the Neuse River, snooping by County Commissioner Kenny Heath revealed Tuesday that the ferry system intends to spend almost a cool million on a palatial structure – mere yards from the location of a toll booth.

I’ve been calling just about everybody who might know something,” said Heath, in a brief telephone interview. “When somebody said the ferry was getting ready to spend $ 700,000 or more on a new building for the Cherry Branch side, my ears really perked up.”

Lucy Wallace, public information officer for the North Carolina Ferry System, confirmed Heath’s information. However, she stressed “this project has been in the state’s Transportation Improvement Plan for more than six years. It is part of our ongoing capital improvements. We hope people will understand that this is completely separate from operations and the proposed tolls.”

A committee of the General Assembly meets March 9 in Raleigh. Local activists opposed to any ferry tolls believe this would be an opportunity to garner attention for possible repeal of the law. To participate, please call Mitzi Schmidt at 249-1715. Tentative plans call for either a chartered bus or some type of organized transportation.

In response to written questions from The County Compass, Wallace e-mailed these responses:

1) Has the appropriation been approved? This money falls under the North Carolina Department of Transportation Capital Improvement Funds and is similar to a highway project in that it is a bid process. The money was appropriated under the biennium budget but is something the ferry division asked for many years ago when doing long term planning. The project was put in the State Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) a number of years ago. The project is paid for with NCDOT funds used to upgrade/replace facilities – not Ferry operational budget appropriations.

2) If so, when and in what amount? Amount has not been determined because the bid has not been let. It is a competitive bid process and hopefully we’ll get good bids. When the bid is let, it will be available to view on the Department of Transportation website.

3) Is it a refurbishment or a complete re-build? It is a re-build, the building is antiquated and it wouldn’t be cost effective to refurbish or renovate. It is 40 years old and structurally deteriorating and the current septic system is failing. In other words, the lifespan of the building and septic is exhausted.

4) Is it the entire complex on the Cherry Branch side, or just the offices; or just the large workshop? The building will be constructed on the same site as the exiting building and will incorporate many “green” elements to vastly increase our energy savings with the new building versus the old building. I’m not sure what you mean by workshop, but our maintenance facility (where we do field maintenance on the ferry vessels) will remain where it is.

5) When will construction begin? If all goes accordingly, construction should begin in late spring, early summer.