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Steinburg to chair Agriculture Committee

EDENTON — State Representative Bob Steinburg (R-Edenton) today announced his committee assignments for his second term in office. Steinburg earned the Chairman’s gavel for the Agriculture Committee after serving as Vice-Chairman during his inaugural term. Steinburg also was named to the following committees: Commerce and Job Development, Environment, Finance, Judiciary 1, Transportation, and Wildlife Resources. “These committee assignments mean I will be working closely on the issues most important to our area,” said Steinburg.“Agriculture is the most impor…

Industrial Wind Turbines: Pro and Con

Click on image to enlarge By John Woodard and John Droz | Special to the County Compass EDENTON – This community hosted a free educational event Saturday, Nov. 22, organized by local residents to explore the consequences of Industrial Wind Turbines, which have been proposed for the northeast corner of North Carolina. The meeting included an award-winning movie (Windfall), and the co-author of this article, John Droz, served as the morning’s moderator. Droz is a retired physicist and long-time environmentalist, who contends that wind energy – as currently developed in this…
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