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‘72 Vega ‘Drag Car’ stolen near Aurora

Reward offered for info leading to recovery This valuable vehicle – with roll bars, parachute, and Wheelie Bars — was on a trailer at 189 Mursue Street near Aurora Beach in the vicinity of Hickory Point. Please call Tina Propes…

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Second of Two Parts

Expert reveals little known ‘Mileage Killers’

‘Drafting’ behind 18-wheelers helps, but kind of risky! Last week we discussed vehicle tips to help increase your gas mileage. Now that your vehicle’s shortcomings have been examined, let’s talk about driving tips to save fuel.   From 1936 to…

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Things Crazy Enough for You Yet? | Gas Shortage

Sometimes small operations can scramble faster than the big boys! That seemed to be the case Wednesday morning when tiny Oriental Mini Mart stayed busy pumping while the major chains shrouded handles with dreaded plastic bags. Hit with a ‘ransomware’…

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