Carteret Sheriff’s Office warns of “Jury Duty” scam

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scam-alertThe Carteret County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about jury duty scam.

A caller posing as a Carteret County Deputy has been accused of calling unsuspecting victims claiming they have missed jury duty in Carteret County and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The caller will then request your personal information and attempt to confirm you address. The caller’s demeanor will be authoritative and persistent.

The caller will then attempt to get his victims to wire money and he will “take care” of the warrant by paying this fine. The caller will further attempt to convince you to proceed to a local business and purchase Green Dot Prepaid Cards in the amount of the stated fine.


Detectives warn to be suspicious whenever you’re told you can only pay for something using a Green Dot Prepaid Cards. Getting these calls in general should act as a red flag because the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office will never call you over the phone to request money for a fine.

If you have missed jury duty, a judge will issue a show cause order with a date to appear in court. If anyone attempts to gain money or your personal information simply hang up the phone and report the matter to your local law enforcement agency.