Carteret County sheriff warns about gun permit scam

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CARTERET COUNTY – A malicious scam has been targeting local citizens with North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permits (NCCHP). Those targeted by this scam have received text messages alerting them that their permit needs to be changed or renewed. This message also offers a link to provide the recipient’s personal information. This link is not safe and is not associated with any state agency or sheriff’s office.

If you receive one of these text messages, do not click on the link and do not provide any personal or identifying information about yourself or anyone else. Instead, report the message to this web address:

We ask that you only report any monetary loss associated with this scam to the sheriff’s office. We have confirmed that the text messages are being sent randomly from many different phone numbers to people across the entire nation.

The sheriff’s office will never send you a text or an email to renew your NCCHP, we mail out a renewal letter through the USPS. The written letter contains the website you will use to renew your NCCHP.

As always, our goal at the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office is to be a proactive as possible when it comes to protecting the rights and personal information of our citizens.

For more information on NCCHP, click the link below to visit the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office webpage for Handgun Purchase Permits and Concealed Carry Handgun Permits:

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