Candidate for Chowan County Commission embarks on aggressive campaign

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Patti Kersey and Brian Ferraraccio – both candidates for the Chowan County Commission — attended a recent ‘meet and greet’ held in the home of Sam Halloran and Allen Mobrey.

CHOWAN COUNTY – Patti Kersey was born into a military family. She obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and then obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Troy State University, later serving as an Air Force Commissioned Officer before retiring as a Lt. Colonel.

After retiring, she was a policy analyst, with Science Applications International Corp. With this background, she has extensive experience in long-range planning, budgeting and policy implementations in both the military and private sectors. She and her husband have lived in Chowan County for 14 years.

While a resident of the county, she has served on the Planning Board during the difficult times of preparing a text amendment for the County Commissioners relating to Industrial Wind Facilities. This effort took a long time to develop and was thoroughly researched before being submitted to Commissioners.


She recently had a meet and greet with county residents to discuss the issues associated with her candidacy and her belief system that she will use on the Board of Commissioners, should she be elected.

Patti is known by many people to be a very thoughtful person who seeks out the information that she needs with which to make an informed decision before reaching any conclusions. But once having done so, she is a fierce fighter for what she believes to be the appropriate course of action in any instance.

As a Chowan County Commissioner her goals are to be responsive to inquiries by the public and to provide a prompt and thorough explanation of whatever answer is required in each instance. She is quite interested in economic development and job growth.

She seeks close cooperation among the various agencies of the County in order to maximize the effort of business development and will work to foster that cooperation. She believes in transparency of government and has been dismayed at the position of some of the Commissioners who seem to have interests in conflict with those of the general public.

In particular, she is mindful of the fact that a citizen group brought petitions to the County Commissioners opposing the wind energy proposals that were being discussed at the time, and that the Commissioners ultimately ignored the will of the people that they are elected to represent.

Most of all, among her highest priorities is the education of area students in order to prepare them to have an opportunity for success as they enter the workforce later in life. She believes in school quality and will explore all initiatives that bring children to the opportunity to develop their full potential.

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