Campaign for 3rd Congressional District gets even nastier, as GOP candidates lob grenades

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Scott Dacey press release:

Craven County Commissioner Scott Dacey released a scathing television ad calling out opponent Walter Jones for his substantial ties to liberal super-donor George Soros. The ad calls out Walter Jones for accepting over $80,000 in George Soros-backed campaign contributions – and identifies this $80,000 as a reason Jones fails to support President Trump.


Meanwhile, Jones consistently votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other Republican in Congress.

George Soros, the liberal Democratic super-donor behind movements to impeach President Trump, repeal the Second Amendment, and introduce amnesty and open borders, and his family started the group Friends of Democracy to help advance their causes.

Friends of Democracy funnels contributions from Soros-tied donors to their supporting candidates. Walter Jones is listed as a Friends of Democracy “House Champion,” as the Soros family has chosen to recognize Jones for his contribution to their causes.

The contributions are then processed by liberal Clinton-Obama campaign insiders who now run the group Democracy Engine. Jones consistently makes payments to Democracy Engine for their processing of donations given through Friends of Democracy.

Of the 79 candidates Friends of Democracy supports, Jones is the only Republican on the list, with all remaining 78 candidates being liberal Democrats – including Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison.

Over the past four years, Walter Jones has accepted more than $80,000 from a network of organizations that are backed by the Soros Family and other prominent far-left activists. The same individuals behind Friends of Democracy and Democracy Engine fund radical liberal causes across the country to oppose President Trump. Now we know why Walter Jones votes against President Trump more than any other Republican in Congress,” Scott Dacey responded.

Walter Jones statement:

My campaign is in the process of taking legal action against the Dacey campaign for what will go down as one of the most deceitful political ads in memory. I wanted to give you some quick facts so you can help us spread the truth about these outrageous accusations.

Scott Dacey is saying that my campaign has taken over $80,000 in “Soros based campaign contributions.” There is nothing to call this besides an outright lie. The $80,000 referenced were campaign contributions by average citizens directly to my campaign and the Soros reference is because the credit card process company used by my campaign, unbeknownst to me, is owned by Goerge Soros. So following that logic, if George Soros owned PayPal, anyone who used that service to contribute would have that money classified as a George Soros contribution. This is an insult to the good conservatives that donated to my campaign and to the intelligence of the voters of our area.

Finally, to show the level that Scott Dacey will stoop to in order to get a vote, you have to look no further than his blatant deceit in having one of his own staffers donate $1 to my campaign through another George Soros company — so they could “truthfully” say that my campaign took money from this liberal. That’s right, this past Sunday, one of Scott Dacey’s own campaign strategists, named Ryan Kane, contributed $1 to my campaign using a George Soros website. This type of behavior sinks below the level of even the lowliest “Swamp Dwellers!”

If you turn on your TV or open your mailbox, you are aware of the Washington money pouring into the Dacey campaign. I simply do not have the resources to compete with those who will pay any price to buy this election. I ask you now to send a message about the power of the people. Share this message with all your friends using Facebook and tell everyone you know that a Washington lobbyist for casinos has gambled big that lies and deceit can win him election. Scott Dacey and the Establishment are All In. Are you?


Editor’s note: The Federal Elections Commission campaign finance reports available to the public show that the Walter Jones campaign has never received a campaign contribution from the Friends of Democracy website — a George Soros funded group that Dacey mentions in the TV ad.

However, no one disputes the fact that on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 3:20 pm, a $1 contribution was made to the Walter Jones campaign through the Friends of Democracy. The contribution was made by Ryan Kane of Winston Salem, North Carolina. Atop many press releases issued by the Dacey campaign, the name Ryan Kane is cited as media and digital director. Jones’s campaign officials believe Ryan Kane made his $1 contribution so the Dacey campaign could truthfully claim the Jones campaign had actually received a contribution (albeit small) from the Friends of Democracy.

“We had no knowledge of this contribution until we checked all recent transactions and then saw the $1 contribution made on Sunday by Ryan Kane,” reported Doug Raymond, who manages the Jones’ campaign.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jeff Aydelette, editor of the County Compass, spoke briefly by cell phone with Ryan Kane, who confirmed his $1 contribution to the Jones campaign.

“We’re not going to hide anything,” said Kane. “I did the $1 contribution to test it,” he added.