Calvin Lacy responds to Christian Michaels

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America as ‘standard bearer’ for rest of world

By Calvin Lacy
Political Commentary

Nobody likes to be attacked for his or her viewpoints, especially by someone too ignorant or too lazy to do the research to determine the veracity of conflicting positions. Being a 1934 model, I’ve grown to accept a certain degree of blowbacks and heartburn, and usually think of such incidents as a ‘teaching’ opportunity.

Hopefully this will be such a moment as I respond to a Letter to the Editor from Mr. Christian Michaels of Pamlico County in the March 26 issue of this newspaper.

For the record, my earlier article on the pages of Nor’eastern News entitled ‘Are we seeing twilight of our nation?’ was meant to be in a rhetorical sense more than a position paper. However, in his haste to criticize, Mr. Michaels failed to notice the critical difference.


From my earliest days, I was always intrigued by historical events and was a good student of history, which made me stand alone from my peers — then and now. Also, as most Americans I am well aware of our place in international affairs and I realize we have not arrived at this juncture in time by mere incident.

I am also an ardent and voracious reader of the King James Version and an advocate for Christ, which again sets me apart from my contemporaries, but I realize all of the above gives me a decided advantage over my detractors. The following provides a clue to the clueless.

The world needs leaders and followers and in my lifetime God Almighty has chosen America to be the standard bearer to the world — and for that I’m grateful. America is in the mold of all great nations before it and if that’s not enough to make you happy then you need to remove yourself from our presence and go to some less fortunate country. Incidentally, you may think people are idiots for voting their conscience, but the American system tops anything anyone else has!

Regarding Haiti’s problems let me enlighten you, Mr. Michaels. Too much to go over here, but you should spend some time at Google to get the full story on how Haiti — the other half of Hispaniola — got in the place that it is today. Don’t be shocked if you learn that Haiti had some hellish help in becoming the Voodoo Capitol of the western hemisphere. When a nation or a people or even a person rejects God, then there is nowhere to go but to the Devil and that’s exactly what the Haitians did.

Mr Michaels is typical of those who have not formed a cognitive perspective about anything, preferring rather to attack more than to educate himself to the realities to life. For starters, try reading the book of Jeremiah to see how God actually sends foreign armies to chastise His very own ‘special people’ for their sins. And further more, I (Calvin Lacy) doesn’t wonder about the things you think he does because the Bible has all the answers! Anyone looking for Utopia will not find it on this earth.

Yes, it’s clear that America has taken advantage of less fortunate nations but again the Bible has the answer. Daniel 2:21 has it so: ‘And he changeth the times and the season: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings’…In other words, God appoints the time for the rise of nations. And by the way, did you know that Prescott Bush, the father of Bush 41 and grandfather of Bush 43 was one of the conspirators who sought to overthrow FDR?

And did you know that when God sends ‘his’ army to punish a rebellious nation, He will in turn punish ‘his’ army if they go beyond what He (God) intended? That’s the reason America gets as much punishment as it metes out in almost every war we fight because we almost always overdo it. And another thing, Mr. Michaels, stop hating yourself and your country for your service in Vietnam. I don’t know, nor do I care about, the reasons you were there, but there is peace for the troubled soul when you turn to God. Remember Romans 10:13.