Blessings! Autistic pre-teen knits caps for babies & children!

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Anna Rose Nicholson with some of her caps!

By Flora Moorman
Staff Writer

NEW BERN – I had the great pleasure recently to meet Anna Rose Nicholson, who was born in Yangchun City, China in 2006. Her adoptive parents brought her to New Bern at the age of 16 months.

Now a teenager, Anna Rose learned to knit this past September after she and her family evacuated the area as Hurricane Florence approached – heading to Greenville, S.C. for a short stay with grandparents!

Anna – who is on the autism spectrum – suffered a lot of anxiety caused by the storm and the loss of her normal routine. These two factors were a difficult combination for Anna.


During a visit to a craft store, Anna and her mom found and purchased a small knitting loom. Thanks to You Tube videos, Anna quickly learned how to use the knitting looms! Before long she was knitting hats, which kept her mind and hands occupied, and helped her cope with disruptions caused by the hurricane.

In a very short time, Anna’s newly acquired skills produced a growing number of hats – most intended for new-born babies!

Back home in New Bern, her first goal – a batch of 35 – were distributed at the nursery of CarolinaEast Hospital, thanks to the efforts of a neighbor who is a nurse. Soon after, Anna knitted 30 more baby hats, delivering those herself!


Her next goal was 50 hats, newborn and toddler sizes, intended for youngsters at her original orphanage in Yangchun City in China. Those were mailed with great joy by Anna this January. In the box to her orphanage she included a note “to the sweet little ones” and a picture of herself knitting the hats.

Anna Rose is making a Difference and her parents and family are her partners and also her best champions in her gift of giving, which brings warmth and joy to others in need. At the same time, these kindnesses kindle her self-esteem and brings happiness to Anna Rose.

Often Giving Back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose!

Anna plans to send boxes of hats to other orphanages in China, starting with those where some of Anna’s current friends started out! Also, an orphanage in Poland will receive some of Anna’s creations – the first home of another friend, whom Anna knows from church.

Busy? Yes, indeed! Coming up soon will be knitted hats for shoeboxes as part of Operation Christmas Child!

Anna enjoys knitting the hats and thinking of the “sweet little ones” wearing them and enjoying the warmth they provide. Anna, in my mind, exemplifies what the Bible tells us
“that we are the body of Christ on the earth! Our arms are the arms of Jesus as we reach out to others in love. Our voice is the voice of Jesus as we share a word of encouragement and hope with others. Our hands are the hands of Jesus that bring healing and comfort to those in need.”

Her true gift of love and caring is so pure and I am very sure a great blessing to those who receive those hats that Anna has so carefully made.

If you would like to help Anna with her ongoing projects, please send donations (or yarn may be dropped off) at Union Point Church, 3551 Trent Road, New Bern, N.C. 28562. Or,
donations can be made through Union Point Church Facebook page noting “Anna’s hats.”

The world is a better place because of Miss Anna Rose Nicholson.