Billionaire Soros funds attacks on state’s GOP governor

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By Todd Poole | Executive Director, NCGOP | Special to Nor’eastern News
George Soros

George Soros

RALEIGH — When Pat McCrory was elected governor, Republica ns knew that the same fringe liberal groups that tried to defeat him in 2012 would try to undermine the governor and the ‘Carolina Comeback.’ But no one saw this coming – not even me!

Recently, we exposed deep ties between the North Carolina State Ethics Commission and the web of liberal attack organizations that authored the infamous “Blueprint NC” memo. That, of course, was the memo that outlined a detailed plan and strategy to “eviscerate” and “cripple” Pat McCrory and other Republican leaders.

It turns out that the attorney for the Ethics Commission was once a law partner of the attorney for ProgressNC Action — the very organization that filed last month’s dubious ethics complaint against the governor! But neither ProgressNC Action nor the Ethics Commission disclosed this connection.


That’s shameful, and an extremely troubling!

This week, the secretive, liberal attack organization ProgressNC Action filed yet another complaint with the North Carolina State Ethics Commission to attack the governor!

What is ProgressNC Action hiding? Why did this shadowy group — which can accept foreign donations — fail to disclose this connection? Of course, ProgressNC Action also refuses to disclose its own donors, including its foreign donations.

Their failure to disclose donors, including their foreign donors, in addition to their failure to disclose their troubling connection to the Ethics Commission, proves that the group’s goal isn’t really to fight for ethics and transparency. Their goal is to eviscerate Pat McCrory at any cost.

It’s time for ProgressNC to come clean to the people of North Carolina!  North Carolinians deserve to know who is funding these attacks against the governor.

These dubious — and frankly hypocritical — attacks on the governor are being led by the shadowy organization “ProgressNC,” which won’t even release its own donors. But even though they refuse to release their donors, we already know that they are the lead attack organization in the secret Blueprint NC network working to “eviscerate” Pat McCrory.

This network, depicted in the adjacent diagram, received funding from liberal billionaire mega-donor George Soros, and is doing everything possible to undermine the governor.