Bike shop offers free demos of popular eBikes!

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By Mac Flythe | Flythe’s Bike Shop

NEW BERN Well, you may be interested in the latest craze in cycling. They’re called eBikes. These bikes allow you to go faster and farther than you normally could on a standard bike! eBikes have an electric motor in the crank or wheel and allow you to travel at up to 28 mph and a range of up to 80 miles on a single charge.

eBikes have a number of benefits. Do you have a spouse who is an avid cyclist that you would like to ride with, but they go way too fast and far for you to keep up? Well an eBike is a great equalizer! You will now be able to enjoy the adventure of cycling with them. If you are an experienced cyclist and wish you could bring your significant other along on your excursions in the great outdoors, they can come along instead of sitting at home waiting for you. No more guilt! EBikers may now be able to enjoy comradeship of riding with a group of cyclists on a more equal level.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, eBikes are a great way to get exercise. With an eBike, you get to set the amount exertion you want. From 0 percent up to 100 percent of electric assist. For example, if you were getting a great workout at 12 miles per hour, now you can get the same workout while going 20 miles per hour! If previously you could only ride for15 miles, now you can ride up to 80 miles. Imagine how much more fun and exciting cycling and exercise will be!


If you have certain health issues that have been preventing you from cycling, an eBike could be the answer. For example, an eBike is a great solution for people who have bad knees. The motor allows for a very low stress start to help you get up to speed. For people who are worried about getting fatigued and being caught too far from home, the electric motor is always there ready to assist.

EBikes are also a great alternative to driving a car for commuting, trips to the grocery store, or visiting with the neighbors. It saves on gas, is good exercise, and is better for the environment. A full charge costs mere pennies — so it is also easy on the pocketbook!

There are several styles of eBikes available. There are machines designed for off-roading, road performance, commuting, comfort, and even hunting. They all have one thing in common, though. They are all fun! Come by Flythe’s Bike Shop for a free demo!