Bible heading back to Maine after 150 years

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The old Bible is ornate and bears the name of its original owner

THOMASTON, MAINE – How an old, expensive, and inscribed Bible ended up several years ago in an eclectic store known as Pamlico Antiques and Designs remains unexplained. However, through the efforts Bayboro resident Trey Stewart the tome recently found its way back to Thomaston, Maine, where the local Historical Society has pledged to do its best to find the descendants of the Bible’s original owner, John C. Levensaler.

The museum will attempt to find descendants of Levensaler

From all indications, the Bible dates to the 1870s. A prominent Thomaston resident, Levensaler worked at the town’s bank for 50 years, was active in local politics, and even earned recognition as a 33-degree Freemason.

The Thomaston Maine Historical Society uncovered a photo of Levensaler

Stewart, a spiritual young man who, in the pre-pandemic era often visited the Pamlico County jail to minister to inmates, purchased the Bible in 2019 and set out to discover its origins. In a recent interview, Stewart said he was “so happy to give the bible away.”

This is the first time that Stewart has traced a bible from out of state but he couldn’t have done it without a lady at his church who helped him by getting more information about John C. Levensaler.

“I hope that the Thomaston Historical Society will find the relatives of John C. Levensaler and I hope that the Holy Bible will get reunited with the family,” said Stewart.

Trey Stewart

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