Better for government to fear the people . . . and not the other way around!

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By Eric Noevere

Last week, Mike Donnes of Australia offered his critique of an article written earlier this year by Pamlico County resident, Eric Noevere. The following is a response from Noevere:

USA — I enjoyed reading the article by Mr. Donnes on why we Americans should adopt the Australian model of firearm confiscation to end gun violence. His article was a rebuttal of a previous article I had written against infringements of the Second Amendment.

Donnes perhaps should have started with more original comments than using the line: “I’ve always believed there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.”


This phrase echoes that used by a former Australian Deputy Prime Minister “Look, the statistics can be looked at as lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics” when he appeared on ABC-TV’s Q&A on Oct. 19, 2017.

This was the Prime Minister’s response to a question from audience member Diana Melham questioning whether the gun confiscation had any effect on reducing gun deaths in Australia. Maybe all the left-wingers Down Under use the same playbook to defend their indefensible causes. There was a big drop in Australia’s murder rate and gun murder rate starting in 1996 (when the first gun confiscation occurred) but leveled out in the middle of this decade.

However there was also a big drop in the U.S. murder and gun murder rate at the same time. During this same time frame, there was no gun confiscation underway in the U.S. Perhaps there is another explanation?

His questions (presumably intended for me and other Americans): “Are you still in that Revolutionary War now?? Are the Injuns on the warpath and killing off white settlers and farmers in vast numbers?? If so, arm up, guys … and let’s go shoot some darn red skins.”

Mr. Donnes misses the point! The Second Amendment is not about guns for hunting, target shooting or self- defense. It is to remove a tyrannical government by force, if all other means fail. The framers of the Constitution made this clear, and the late great Supreme Court Justice Scalia also voiced this opinion in the recent decision, reaffirming that firearm ownership is an individual right.

This is why Americans should be able to possess modern weapons, if they so choose. All through history the tendency of all forms of government has been to move toward tyranny. The purpose of the U.S. Bill of Rights is to prevent this. Arguably it just slows it. There have been a number of articles written that if the U.S. or State Governments tried to forcibly confiscate “‘illegal arms” here, there would be another Civil War.

I agree. It is good for the government to fear the people — not the other way around!

Australia is very different from the U.S. It is much more urban than the U.S. with 90 percent living in urban areas, versus 81 percent here. The Constitution of Australia does not address individual rights as ours does. The will of the city dwellers is easy to impose over the country folk when you have a Parliamentary, strictly  popular vote-based system of Governance, with limited State rights. I’m sure this made passage of the legislation to confiscate arms relatively easy.

As for 18-year-old males being too immature to responsibly own firearms? I hope the spirits of the many 18, 19 and 20-year-old Australian fighting men who died fighting for Australia’s and our freedom in both WorldWars (there were some documented deaths of soldiers as young as 14 who had lied about their age),  and possibly the other more recent wars haunt Mr. Donnes every night he lives.
I did not say in my article all guns were confiscated in Australia,  but many common sporting guns were among those that became illegal. See the photo of the gun dump in the April 26 issue of the Compass — a lot of nice duck guns about to be melted down.

I do feel safe here in the USA even with our lack of gun control and will pass on moving. I have no desire to give up my rights as a U.S.Citizen to become a Subject in Australia.

Oh, and the NRA!? I do tell the NRA where to stick their money. I’m not happy with them because they have been supportive of some of the gun control legislation that recently went down. I support Gun Owners of America and Grassroots NC. Those worthy organizations have a policy of ‘No Compromise, Freedom First.’