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In today’s world, we need firepower — not flower power!


By Eric Noevere
News Analysis

CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Just a few weeks have passed since the Orlando ISIS attack, while another ISIS attack has occurred at Turkey’s Ataturk airport; a lone wolf attack in Nice France; and two separate attacks by black militants against Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers.

At every turn there have been calls for restrictions on the right to bear arms by law-abiding citizens. Much theater has been done by President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, the U.S. House and Senate Democrats — all attempting to force unconstitutional gun control legislation.


Fortunately this has not moved forward.

Speaker Ryan in the House and Speaker McConnell in the Senate have managed to hold the line on legislation that would seriously infringe our rights. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) in his recent commentary in this newspaper voiced his determination to hold the line against more gun control.

We had two police shootings of young black men followed by attacks on police. We have now had protests and riots in a number of cities since.

Prior to the Dallas attack, Obama had said: “They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

In the first incident there are two videos of Alton Sterling, which show him in a struggle with two officers. He apparently rolled an officer off of him and after Mr. Sterling is shot, a gun is removed from this right pants pocket.

I would give the officers involved the benefit of a doubt. Police were called to the scene after a homeless man called 911 reporting Mr Sterling was armed and had asked him for money.

The Castile incident video starts after the shooting. Mr Castile’s girlfriend states he was reaching for his wallet, and that he was legally armed. However, the attorney for the officer involved — Jeronimo Yanez — is saying the officer fired because Mr. Castile was armed, and not because of his race.

Also the attorney states the reason for the traffic stop was that Mr. Castile matched the description of an armed robber who had held up a gas station two days earlier. The governor of Minnesota, Dayton, chirped that this was racially motivated before the investigation had started. Again we need to reserve judgment as the investigation moves forward.

In any case, the President should have made it clear that justice would be served since he is indeed in a position to make sure of this. There is no need to further incite people.

Shortly after Obama’s speech, the shooting of police officers happened in Dallas. The Black Rights Matter movement often marches with the chant: “Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.” What happened to Dr. King’s philosophy of non-violence? it worked!

The U.S. is not perfect but we are a far more equitable society than we were 50 years ago. Dr. King, by the way, was not a believer in gun control — he believed that most gun control laws were passed to prevent African Americans from being armed. Dr. King applied for a concealed carry permit in 1956 after many death threats and having his house bombed, but the State of Alabama denied it.

Great having bureaucrats in charge of our rights, isn’t it? One of the people who marched with Dr. King was Charleston Heston, the late great actor, who for many years was NRA President and popularized the saying “I’ll give you my guns, when you pry them from my cold dead hands.”

Freedom and Liberty can only be preserved when the people can defend themselves.

Attorney General Lynch’s commented in Orlando on June 21” “Our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity and love.” Okay did she get in a time machine and land in 1969 in Woodstock, New York???

Let’s just do some weed and walk around putting flowers into the gun barrels of ISIS Jihadis so they will just feel the love and hang out at the camp fire while we pass them some of the good stuff!

If we want to protect ourselves from monsters, we need to have firepower not flower power. Just before FBI Director Comey’s press conference where he let Hillary off the hook, Attorney General Lynch had an impromptu meeting with Hillary’s husband Bill.

Their planes just happened to be in the same airport at the same time and Bill just had to show Ms. Lynch grandchildren photos and chat about golf. Either Ms. Lynch made some incredible blunders and should resign for incompetence, or she holds the citizenry of this land in such total contempt, thinking that people will not realize that this is a brazen conflict of interest in a high profile criminal case!

Hillary dodged any and all charges, when Comey said: “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Director Comey just said there was no intent to commit a crime. Other lesser mortals like General Petraeus have been charged and convicted for the same mishandling of classified material, where they also did not intend to commit a crime.

Where is the Republican Congress and how about a Special Prosecutor? Have the high and mighty truly become above the laws of the land? Will there never be any kind of justice for our four heroes who fell in Benghazi, lives lost due to the incompetence of Obama and Hillary, then covered up with a silly story?

My feeling is that the continuing terrorist attacks at home and abroad are a useful diversion for Hillary and Obama. They can divert attention from her high crimes and misdemeanors, their totally incompetent foreign policy — to a media assault on the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

Our FBI, CIA, NSA, etc are being schooled in political correctness by their masters in the Obama Administration and are actively not investigating people who need to watched — that is what happened with the Orlando terrorist. Let our intelligence agencies do their work within the legal framework! Let them go where the trail takes them.

The Left is skillful at exploiting tragedies to further their agenda. We must fight back by being politically active. Our elected representatives must hear from those of us who care about our rights or they will cave to the mobs. We do not need laws, which strip citizens of their rights without due process, nor do we need gun registration masquerading as “universal background checks,” or further restrictions on the types of firearms that can be legally purchased.

Editor’s note: Eric Noevere is a firearms expert, who teaches weapons training classes in Pamlico County.


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