Aussie says ‘buy back’ of guns worked in his country. Recommends it to us!

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By Mike Donnes

Mike Donnes is an Australian who loves to travel. He is seen here in Bali checking the ‘end result’ of wildlife art!.

AUSTRALIA — I was recently in the USA on a holiday with friends — who are originally from the y’all state of Georgia — and had a great time in South Carolina and North Carolina! It was whilst in North Carolina that I had the chance to pick up a copy of the County Compass, and read the front-page article by Mr. Eric Noevere.


In his article, Mr. Noevere referenced some information about Australia and its gun laws.


This, of course, perked up my interest as I was on Holidays from Perth here in Western Australia and his comments seemed to me to be a bit off skew. So, when I got home, I decided to e-mail you what an out-of-towner and out-of-country person (an Aussie) thinks about the USA and its gun laws.

That’ll get those Compass readers going, I’m sure!

I’ve always believed there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics! So I looked at Mr. Noevere’s stats to verify if he knew what he was talking about. Here’s what I found:

1. Port Arthur in Tasmania was the first, and last, mass shooting we have had in Australia. The killer, Martin Bryant, was convicted and sentenced to the rest of his days in jail. We don’t have the death penalty here, though most felt he deserved to give up his pathetic life — but, alas, the law is the law.

2. The population of Australia as of 18 April 2018 is estimated to be 24,910, 949. Let’s say 25 million.

3. The population of America is currently estimated to be around 325 million.

4. So, Australia’s population is one-fourteenth that of the USA — let’s say 7 percent of your population.

5. The gun deaths in the USA (excluding most suicides) were approximately 15,549 people killed by guns in the U.S. during 2017.

6. The gun deaths in Australia for the same period were 209 gun-related deaths. But 80 percent of those were suicides, so the actual number of deaths in homicides and other gun related accidents can be construed as approximately 42 — in Australia who were either accidentally — or deliberately — shot and killed.

7. Let’s extrapolate that to the population of the USA some 14 times greater and you get a total figure of 588 if we had the same population as you have — not the actual figure of 15,549

8. Gun deaths in the USA are 26 times what it is here!!

9. So you are 26 times more likely to get shot in the USA than in Australia. And that’s generally by a man.
Have you noticed women don’t seem to figure too highly in the gun ownership stakes? Wonder why that is? Is it because men’s testosterone gets in the way of their minds and maturity?

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you a man’s brain doesn’t function properly until he turns 30 and then he matures at 35. A woman on the other hand matures at 20 and her brain functions perfectly well from age 21 onwards.

If Mr Noevere says the good news is the numbers are decreasing and he thinks 15,549 killings is an acceptable number of people dying, then America is in deep trouble.

It’s true that In Australia the guns were bought back and this was accomplished in six months. If all the states in the USA made up their minds to do the same, then all states could have the gun menace under control in six months It’s not a lack of money — it’s a lack of will to do what’s right.

I look at America and think: “Yes…back in the days of the American Revolution and the North vs. South Civil War, and the army wiping our numerous INJUN tribes there probably was a reason for everyone to be armed!

You needed a musket and a pistol and probably a sabre to rattle as well.

The question is: Are you still in that Revolutionary war now?? Are the INJUNS on the warpath and killing off white settlers and farmers in vast numbers?? If so arm up guys — Let’s go shoot some “darn redskins.”

But that was then and now you don’t have that war…you don’t have the need for 18 year olds to turn 18 today and be able to by an AK47 or an AR 15 assault rifle in a city along with a gun stock ( BUMP STOCK ) that allows it to shoot as a machine gun and be able to buy 500 rounds of ammo because to be safe you need a “GOOD GUY WITH A GUN” to shoot the “BAD GUY WITH A GUN.”

At 18 you are still just a kid… but now a kid with a gun. How about both the good guys and the bad guys not being able to buy them in the first place?

How about a law that says if you shoot a policeman and injure him so that his injuries are not life threatening or will not put him into a vegetative or comatose state, you get a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 25 depending on the severity and the judge.

If, on the other hand, you kill him unintentionally you get life 25 – 50 years and if it’s intentional you get the death penalty. That might just make the “BAD GUYS” stop and think again, lowering the police death rate which went up by 2 yesterday.

Now to say that the Australian Government bought back every gun from every citizen and made the place safe is not accurate either!! The gun buyback only took weapons that were not needed by ordinary city folk. And, as I said, it only took six months.

The only reason I had a gun in the first place was because I had a 1200-acre farm and I used the gun to shoot rabbits and kangaroos that infested my property. When I sold the farm, I sold the reason I needed a gun so I was happy to hand it in.

The people who did need guns such as farmers, professional shooters of feral animals and livestock along with gun club members were all able to keep their guns (including some high powered ones) but they could not keep an automatic rifle — but rather a-pull-the trigger semi-automatic, and it can’t be converted to automatic.

Accordingly the only other people to carry guns (including pistols) are the Police and licensed security people delivering money to banks, etc. and the Armed Services. They can carry a gun and most never get to draw the thing out. The police here are very adept at using Tasers instead of guns and guns are only a very last resort — not the first resort that we see the U.S. police use every day.

I have many friends who think like I do that the Kids from the Florida school shooting are putting your politicians to shame and are leading the way. These kids are saying what most decent people think and that is get rid of the guns or at the very least put the age up to 21 for anyone to be able to buy a gun and make buying a gun a more intense requirement. By intense, I mean they have to be psychologically checked for their mental competency to buy a gun and not by the gun seller but by an independent counselor.

I have another small farm now of 120 acres with a number of Kangaroos that mow down my crop every year and if I want to buy a gun, then I have to apply to the police; prove that I have a need for the gun; prove that I own the property and will confine my shooting to that property. Prove I am a person without any mental problems such as depression and I’m not likely to injure myself or anyone else, and prove I have a secure fixed gun cabinet approved and inspected by the police before they will even issue me a permit to buy a semi-automatic rifle of limited capacity. I am not a pro shooter so I don’t need a high-powered weapon and they’ll make sure I can’t buy one.

A friend of mine from Croatia told me he has a gun in his home town in Croatia but that he had to get his local doctor to give him a 120-question psychological and a full physical evaluation, and even then he has to go back to the doctor every three years and repeat the exercise or his gun is taken from him until he gets the doctors ‘all clear.’

Compare that to America where I walked into a gun show in Colorado, bought a $5 entry ticket and could have bought any high powered gun I liked and walked out without anyone asking me a question as to why I needed a gun…where was I going to shoot but more likely to ask… how many rounds would you like to buy, sir?

If you want to feel safe, migrate to Australia and enjoy not worrying about guns. I think you need more people in the USA to tell the NRA where to stick their money and just do what’s right by your kids, your friends and all those who think gun rights are no right at all in this day and age. If they (the NRA) had their way, they’d be selling guns to 12 year olds.

That’d really make America safe, eh???

Now, don’t think we don’t like America or Americans..…wrong! We love you, yanks. We think you are great, friendly and warm, fun-loving people and we love the sights and sounds of America. Australia is a land of immigrants, as is America, so we are very much alike but we are ‘chalk and cheese’ when it comes to gun control.

Editor’s note: Mike Donnes lives in Perth, Western Australia. His e-mail address is:


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