Aurora officials ‘accept’ economic recommendations

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But failure to ‘adopt’ plan concerns many town residents

Lavonde Hardy and her daughter Maria attended the Monday night meeting

AURORA – Monday night, a huge turnout for a meeting of the Aurora Town Board signaled growing impatience among citizens over the economic plight of this small Beaufort County town.

Their frustration came through loud and clear from a young mother, Lavonde Hardy.

“We need a grocery store,” pleaded Hardy, while holding her one-year-old daughter Maria. “How can we call ourselves a town without a grocery store? Right now, with the closest grocery store 20 miles away, I can’t even buy what I need for my daughter. It would generate jobs. It would generate income.”


Hardy’s comments followed a presentation by Chuck Halsall, with the North Carolina Department of Commerce, who submitted an ambitious “Economic Development Implementation Plan” for the town.
Elected officials voted unanimously to ‘accept’ the plan, but avoided the opportunity to fully ‘adopt’ its recommendations.

For more details, please see a thorough report on Page B-6, written by Eve Hemby, who represents People for a Better Aurora – a volunteer advisory group, which seeks to identify solutions to enhance growth and long-term prosperity for the community.

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