Athletes as role models goal for Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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2-NN-Fellowship-of-Christian-Athletes-logoThe Fellowship of Christian Athletes was formed in 1954 by a former basketball coach named Don McLannon, who foresaw the benefits of preaching Christian values to underprivileged children and using athletics to acquaint these kids with the word of Jesus Christ.

McLannon saw athletes on television selling all sorts of items to the public and realized that some of these same people could be used to spread the word of God and uplift these children who look upon these athletes as role models.

The organization began in Oklahoma but now it’s international headquarters is in Kansas City and since its inception, the organization has grown to a staff of 1300 people nationwide. In so doing, the FCA has become the country’s largest sports ministry, combining sports with the gospel.


The local coordinator for this organization is Scott Williams who joined the FCA on September 1, 1998, and has been with them ever since. He has been in his current capacity since August 2009 and he and his wife relocated from the Raleigh office to Kill Devil Hills. She is his administrative assistant.

The FCA combines Christian athletes and coaches with businessmen in the local area all around the country, and Mr. Williams does the same in his seven-county region of eastern North Carolina.

On Monday, May 2, the organization will have a dinner at the Cale Retreat and Conference Center with check-in at 6 p.m. followed by a program beginning at 6:30 p.m. The event is expected to conclude by 9 p.m. This is a fundraiser for the FCA and they have been selling tables to organizations such as Alliance Nissan, which seats eight people at a cost of $200. Alliance Nissan is represented by Hal Chappell who is well known in the local area for being involved in Christian organizations such as this.

The guest speaker for the event will be Al Wood, who played basketball at the University of North Carolina under Coach Dean Smith in the late 70s and early 80s, finishing his career in 1981. He has a great story to tell and everyone is looking forward to hearing his words. In addition there will be a few athletes from the local area and overall attendance is expected to be in the neighborhood of 150 people.

As for Mr. Williams himself, he was recruited to join the FCA while he was a seminarian with the Baptist Church. He has since been ordained.

This particular event is sold out. But this paper will utilize its position to let the citizens in this area know about the activities of this organization. We see substantial benefit to teaching underprivileged children, who probably have never had any formal religious training, and matching them up with people that they view as role models to help them become acquainted with the teachings of Jesus Christ.