As elected officials protest, revised figures show more waste than first reported

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PASQUOTANK COUNTY – The County Commissioners have recently questioned the facts that were reported re the wasted money being spent by the Solid Waste Department of Pasquotank County. They asked for details re the numbers that were reported and the amounts that were used from surrounding counties.

County Finance Officer, Sheri Small, stated that the actual amount budgeted by Chowan County was $1,100,344, an increase of $57,000 over what we originally reported. We replied that the first figure had been supplied by Kevin Howard, Chowan County Manager, in early June before completion of the budget process.

The other counties’ budgets were provided by the respective county managers as well.


However, in the process, we examined the final budget for the Solid Waste Department and found a major discrepancy. The actual budget for all segments of the department is $4,288,535 compared with the $4,055,927 that was original used.

This increase represents a revised budget difference totaling $1,501,861 above the roughly comparable solid waste consortium known as Tri County, which serves Perquimans, Chowan and Gates Counties.