Armed robbery leads to prison term

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New Bern, North Carolina — District Attorney Scott Thomas announced that, in Craven County Superior Court, XAVIER TAMAREE DSHAUN WHITE, 20, of New Bern, was convicted on his guilty plea to Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon (Armed Robbery), and was sentenced to a prison term.

On the evening of April 8, 2016, White, along with two co-defendants, planned a robbery of a delivery driver for a local pizza store. White, using a borrowed phone, called in an order and gave as the delivery address a vacant home which was for sale near his own residence. White and the two co-defendants then went to that residence, with one waiting inside to answer the door. White and the other defendant, armed with a handgun and shotgun respectively, waited outside and accosted the driver when she arrived at the delivery address. They threatened the use of the guns, leveling them at the driver and demanding money. They took the cash she had in her pockets and in her vehicle, as well as the food items.

The three persons involved were identified, found, and charged. The co- defendants, in response to police questioning, identified White as the ringleader. By the time police had caught up with the perpetrators, they had disposed of both firearms.


Prior to White’s case being called for trial, he entered a guilty plea to the armed robbery charge. Superior Court Judge Will Bland sentenced White to a prison term of 78 to 106 months (6 ½ to 8 ½ years). Upon White’s release from custody, he will be subject to nine months of post-release supervision, during which time his behavior will be monitored by a probation/parole officer.

The case was investigated by the New Bern Police Department, and prosecuted in court by Assistant District Attorney Robert J. McAfee.

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