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Case could destroy state’s highest court

By Dallas Woodhouse | The Woodshed for Carolina Journal | Guest Commentary RALEIGH – It would be outrageous. It would be unprecedented. It would damage the credibility and validity of North Carolina’s highest court for decades. It would be nothing short of a bloodless coup d’état by the Democrat majority on the state Supreme Court that would devastate North Carolina’s judiciary for years to come. It would be a lawless decision, driven solely by politics. It would render 9.6 million legally cast votes by North Carolina citizens meaningless. It is likely to happen. In an astonishing and unpre…

D.A. switches Party

By Scott Thomas | District Attorney NEW BERN – On Sept. 3, I registered my political party affiliation with the Republican Party. This was a personal decision I made to align my party affiliation with my long-held conservative values and beliefs. My beliefs remain the same, but I have changed my party affiliation to be more consistent with those beliefs. I continue to be a strong supporter of the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the rule of law, our armed services, first responders, and law enforcement. One of the highlights of my 15 years as District Attorney has been working closely with o…

ECC board moves decisively, as details emerge

NEW BERN – Grady Quattlebaum, PLCC, a new law firm formed in early August of last year by former Sumrell Sugg attorneys Arey Grady and Jill Quattlebaum, abruptly resigned as the legal firm for the Eastern Carolina Council on July 20, 2021. Two days later, Katie Bordeau, ECC’s executive director, was fired by Eastern Carolina Council’s governing board.  Public records from the agency – obtained by this newspaper – make it clear that the departures of the Grady Quattlebaum law firm and Bordeaux, the ECC executive director,  are related. Those same records explain why a ‘General Membership’ me…
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