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Severely injured in accident, young woman launches ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign

My name is Daquiana Jarvis, daughter of Ansel Jarvis and Regina Moore-White who are natives of Pamlico County. Age 20, I am an independent young lady, working hard to live on my own and support myself financially. I had no idea on July 4, 2021 how much this would change. This is the day that I was involved in a terrible car accident, which resulted in me losing two fingers on my left hand. This horrible ordeal has taken a mental toll on me. Many times I cry and cannot stop myself from constantly reliving the accident in my mind. Thankfully I have a great support system that is helping and assures me that ev…

Eastern Carolina Council, Part 3 — A year ago, COVID-19 cash flowed freely

Eastern Carolina Council got its share!   The original sales pitch to Uncle Sam (summarized here in an ECC slide dated June 30, 2021) used a title full of ‘buzzwords’ The ECC’s actual use of the $400,000 (from same slide presentation) is more mundane with no mention of COVID-19 relief. News Commentary NEW BERN – The Eastern Carolina Council is a quasi-governmental agency, charged by North Carolina to look out for smallish, rural counties and municipalities that may lack the staff and resources to adequately perform all of the unfunded mandates thrown at them by the General Assembly. So b…
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