Local man deters phone scam with his own bag of tricks

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Scammers are no match for area resident Ed Morgan.

ORIENTAL – Ed Morgan, retired from General Motors, admits to being a senior citizen, but unlike some of today’s trusting elderly folks, he can usually sense within seconds when a scammer calls.

In fact, you might say that Morgan is a scammer’s worst nightmare!

“But this one Monday had a new wrinkle,” chuckled Morgan, who asked the newspaper for help in publicizing the sophisticated fraud. “It came in as one of those spoof-type phone numbers, which makes it look like a local call.”


A congenial fellow, Morgan usually sees the scammer’s deception as an opportunity to have some fun.

“He was trying to sell me a half-price subscription to Direct TV. I said ‘Oh, that’s nice! Can I call you back?’ Then the guy said ‘Sure, I’ll give you my personal cell number because I am in here with 25 other people.”

With a nod to the fact that many scams originate in foreign countries, Morgan goaded his caller a bit more.

“Hey buddy,” I said, “you need to go do some work on your English. It’s not that great!”

And, to make things even more difficult for the caller, Ed’s wife Charlotte picked up the phone.

“I started asking him this, and asking him that – and he really didn’t have a good answer,” explained Charlotte Morgan. “I think what he really wanted was our credit card number.”